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Why should I take private one-to-one lessons?

A good teacher adapts his teaching style to suit your personal needs and customizes each lesson to your speed of learning. Unfortunately this personal approach is not possible when trying to teach oneself via youtube videos. Right feedback on your progress will improve your music skills very rapidly.

Is the Guitar or Ukulele hard to play and learn?

Absolutely Not ! Music can be learned just like any other skill such as a language, dance, etc. Learning the Guitar or Ukulele requires patience, perseverance, and discipline. A student exhibiting these qualities will succeed in learning the Guitar or Ukulele

How many days a week should I come for my lessons?

Remember the golden rule of music: Quality is more important than Quantity! A personalized, one-to-one lesson of 1 hour per week is sufficient for a fast progress. The more important thing is to practice your Guitar or Ukulele consistently for atleast 30 minutes everyday at your home.

Do you teach Music Theory too?

Yes! A fair degree of knowledge in western music-theory is essential in learning the guitar properly. Learning to read and write staff notation, western musical scales and harmony (chord progressions) will make you a better player and musician overall. This will also help you compose your own songs.

What are the benefits of learning the Guitar or Ukulele?

Learning to play the Guitar or Ukulele gives you confidence, helps immensely in personality and brain development, helps relieve stress. Learning and developing your creativity on guitar will lead to better relationships in life, better mental health, and will improve your performance in both in academics and professional careers.

Do you provide notes for the material taught in the lesson?

Yes ! All the material taught to the student in the class is provided in professional quality, printed A4-sized notes. Hence, there is absolutely no wastage of time in the class in taking hand-written notes.

How long will it take me to learn to play the Guitar or Ukulele?

If you are a beginner, you will start to play simple melodies and chords in a few months time. However, in order to become good and play confidently, the more practice you do, the better you become at playing your instrument. It’s a game of patience and discipline! A guitar or Ukulele will become your life long friend!

Am I too old to learn Music?

No, never! Actually, grown ups and adult students show more focused, are more motivated and take the lessons more seriously. This results in them practicing their instrument more consistently, and hence it helps them progress faster!

Which Acoustic Guitar or Ukulele should I buy?

Buying a decent Guitar or Ukulele is an exciting decision and a very good investment towards your Well-being and Happiness.

I recommend an entry-level instrument of a reputed company such as Yamaha and Cort for Guitars , and Enya or Kala for Ukuleles. These brands are trustable, and their instruments have good “playability”.

A good quality instrument can last for many, many years. It sounds good and makes playing music fun!

I strongly advise against buying cheap guitars or ukuleles. Cheap instruments are for non-serious musicians, and a total waste of your time and money.

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