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7 Awesome Things You Will Learn at Euphony Guitar Classes, Raipur:

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One-on-One Classes

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  1. Sing and Play Guitar at the same time

  2. Find and Play the Melody and Chords of any Song

  3. How to build Confidence and Perform in Front of Audience

  4. Dedication and Discipline to be Successful & Happy

  5. Fundamentals of Guitar Techniques, Correct Posture

  6. Music Theory in detail to Compose your own Songs

  7. Play Songs from different genres like Rock, Blues, etc

Flexible Timing - Structured Curriculum - Customized Classes - Measurable Results

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Learn to play the guitar like a pro at Euphony Guitar Classes. We offer personalized, one-on-one Guitar and Ukulele classes. Our experienced teachers will help you learn the basics of guitar playing, music theory, and songwriting. We also offer flexible scheduling and weekend classes to fit your busy lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start learning to play the guitar!

7 (Seven) Important Reasons to take private, One-on-One Guitar Classes

  1. Personalized Attention: In a private lesson setting, the instructor can focus solely on the student's individual goals needs, and skill level.

  2. Individualized Pace: Private lessons can be adjusted to match the student's learning pace. This prevents the student from feeling rushed or lagging back.

  3. Immediate Feedback: With direct interaction between the student and the instructor, feedback is immediate. This helps correct mistakes, refine techniques, and address questions right away, leading to more efficient progress.

  4. Customized Curriculum: Private instructors can design a curriculum that aligns with the student's musical interests, whether that's focusing on specific genres, techniques, or pieces. This personalized approach keeps the student engaged and motivated.

  5. Flexibility and Adaptability: Private lessons can adapt to the student's changing needs, allowing for adjustments as the student's skills and goals evolve.

  6. Teacher-Student Bond: The close relationship between the student and the instructor can foster mentorship and a deeper understanding of the student's learning style and needs.

  7. Time Efficiency: Private lessons often result in more focused and productive use of time compared to group lessons, as there are no distractions or competition for the instructor's attention.

  • Personalized , One-on-One Guitar classes for fastest learning.

  • Flexible Timing, and Weekend classes available for busy people.

  • Professional Printed Notes and After-class phone support provided.

  • Air-Conditioned, Comfortable Classroom. Ample Parking Space !

  • Learn and play your favorite Western and Bollywood Songs !

  • Learn music theory properly and create your own music !

  • Learn using the best ideas and most effective teaching techniques !

  • Customized Syllabus. Professionally printed lesson material included !

Euphony Guitar Classes will take your skills, interest and passion for music to greater heights.

Whether you are a beginner or want to brush up your guitar or ukulele skills, I highly recommend Euphony Guitar Classes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Sanchit Sir makes the Guitar learning process amazing by his Patient and constant Motivating attitude. 🙏👍The very well organized course comprises of western music notations and theory and he explains everything very deeply and logically making it easy to understand. 🎸

Dr. Ishi Mandrik, Dentist, Raipur (Ukulele Student)

Euphony Guitar Classes in Raipur Student Review
Euphony Guitar Classes in Raipur Student Review

Reviews and Testimonials

Euphony Guitar Classes in Raipur Student Review
Euphony Guitar Classes in Raipur Student Review

This is just the perfect place for guitar classes if you want to learn music properly. Music theory is also taught in sufficient depth so you can improvise and create music yourself.
The private one to one lessons are awesome. Sanchit sir pays full attention to my performance and help me improve very fast. He is very caring towards all his students and acts as a mentor. We are very lucky to have such an awesome guitar teacher in Raipur.

- Rashmi Tiwari,  Software Engineer, Raipur (Guitar Student)

Euphony Guitar Classes in Raipur Student Review
Euphony Guitar Classes in Raipur Student Review
Euphony Guitar Classes in Raipur Student Review
Euphony Guitar Classes in Raipur Student Review

I must say that Sanchit is a great guitar teacher. I have taken lessons from him personally on one to one basis and i can confirm that he was very patient with me. He also fine tuned his teaching style based on what suited me. During the time I took lessons from him, I learnt a lot and made good progress. It can be a privilege for anyone for having him as a teacher. I have tried quite a few guitar lessons from different teachers but later when I started taking classes from Sanchit, i found his teaching style the best among all the teachers and that's the only reason I was able to learn from him quite a lot. There is no doubt he is going to be a shining star in the world of guitar.

- Rahul Prasad, Technology Advisor, Bangalore (Online Guitar Student)

Euphony Guitar Classes has made my journey of learning music truly enjoyable. Sanchit Sir ensures that we understand the basics of music theory, sheet music, and guitar tabs before we even start strumming. This has boosted my confidence in learning guitar. The well-structured weekly lessons and homework keep us on our toes, ensuring we practice regularly. This helps us improve gradually but surely.
What stands out about these classes is Sanchit Sir's personal attention. He always checks our understanding before moving on to the next lesson. This way, he makes sure that we're learning each part correctly.
In all, Euphony Guitar Classes offer a wonderful blend of disciplined learning and enjoyable discussions. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn guitar in a friendly, supportive environment.

- Shubham Jha, Data Scientist, USA (Online Guitar Student)