Ukulele Classes, Raipur

Learn Ukulele, Step-by-Step:

Guitar Classes in Raipur Ukulele Classes
Guitar Classes in Raipur Ukulele Classes
  • Ukulele is one of the most popular instruments among the young generation.

  • You will build a solid foundation in the techniques of playing Ukulele.

  • You will be taught how to play Ukulele confidently in front of an audience.

  • You will develop a comprehensive understanding of music theory.

  • You will develop a clear understanding of important musical concepts.

  • You will gain self-esteem and become a more confident and well-rounded person.

  • You will learn improvisation and explore your own creativity in music.

(1) Introduction to Ukulele

Ukulele Anatomy and Tuning. Correct Position and Posture, Tuning. Notes on A ,C, E, G String

(2) Fundamentals of Rhythm

Counting Beats, Note Values Using a Metronome, Staff Notation and Tablature

(3) Learning Songs on Ukulele

Learning to play different kinds of songs (Easy Western, and your favorite Bollywood songs)

(4) Ukulele Techniques

Left hand and right-hand techniques. Fingerpicking and Palm Muting

(5) Chords and Harmony

C Chord Family: C, Am, F, G7 : G chord Family: G, C, D7, Em

F chord Family: F, Bb, C7, Dm: Em chord Family: Em, Am, B7

Basic chord progressions and strumming patterns

(6) Scales and Melody

C Major , F Major, G Major, E minor Scales

(7) Music Theory

Nashville Number System, Tonics, Keys and Modes

Beginner's Ukulele Syllabus

  • At Euphony Guitar and Ukulele classes, based in Raipur, India, you will learn the best musical methods and  ideas.

  • You can join either one-on-one classes in our studio in Raipur, or also through online classes for students based anywhere in India or the world.