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Euphony Guitar Ukulele Class Raipur Syllabus
Euphony Guitar Ukulele Class Raipur Syllabus

Beginner's Guitar Syllabus

(1) Introduction to Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Anatomy and Tuning. Correct Posture (holding the guitar and pick)

(2) Fundamentals of Rhythm

Counting Beats, Note Values , Rhythm Dictation using a Metronome, Deciphering Staff Notation and Tablature

(3) Learning Songs on Guitar

Learning to play different kinds of songs (Rock, Blues, and your favorite Bollywood songs)

(4) Guitar Techniques

Left hand and right-hand techniques. Fingerpicking and Palm Muting, Strumming Patterns

(5) Chords and Harmony

Introduction to Open and Barre chords. Building Easy Triads and Power Chords. Basic chord progressions and strumming patterns

(6) Scales and Melody

Playing Arpeggios and Melodies. Pentatonic, Major and Minor Scale positions

(7) Music Theory

CAGED chords shapes. Nashville Number System, Tonics, Keys and Modes

  • Guitar Classes are arguably the most fun and effective way to learn a new musical skill, and to cultivate a hobby you can be really proud of.

  • You will build a solid foundation in the techniques of playing Acoustic and Electric Guitar.

  • You will be taught how to play Guitar confidently  in front of an audience.

  • You will develop a comprehensive understanding of music theory.

  • You will develop a clear understanding of important musical concepts.

  • You will gain self-esteem and become a more confident and well-rounded person.

  • You will learn improvisation and explore your own creativity in music.

  • At Euphony Guitar and Ukulele classes, based in Raipur, India, you will learn the best musical methods and  ideas.

  • You can join either one-on-one Guitar classes in our studio in Raipur, or also through online classes for students based anywhere in India or the world.

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